Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Georgia June - 3 Months

Well, that's it, my baby is no longer a "newborn" anymore, but officially an infant!  I can't believe it!  She has grown so much and changes so much week to week.  It's pretty hard to believe that 12 weeks ago almost to the hour, I was doing the last of my laboring and considering it to be time for a csection.  I remember by that time I was beyond exhausted, beyond frustrated, and so ready to meet her! 

This last month has been a pretty great one.  I got to celebrate my first Mother's Day which was really awesome.  I got a necklace with Georgia's birthstone and the letter "G", my parents made me a picture with her hand prints, and I was able to enjoy a couple yummy mimosas and visit with friends and family.  The weather finally turned really warm and beautiful Mother's Day weekend which we have really been looking forward to.

Within the last month the biggest change for mama has been returning to work, I'm in my 3rd week back this week.  Georgia started with daycare 2 days a week on Monday in addition to being with my parents the other 3 days.  So far she's doing so well (she's only gone to day care 1 day so far as of today!) and we got a really great report from her sitter.  I know being at daycare will be so good for her when she gets a little older.  She will make some great girlfriends there for sure!
We don't see the doctor this month so I don't have exact stats but I'm willing to bet she's about 12+ pounds.  This girl LOVES to eat and is still nursing so well.  On the days that my parents watch her my mom brings her to me at lunch time so I can nurse her and see her.  It's a great way to break up my work day.   She always has big smiles for me!  I am also pumping 2-3x a day which is a lot of work but also going great.

Georgia is happiest in the morning, she loves to have her diaper changed and be nakey.  She also loves her baths and her daddy.  She smiles and coos so much now and I love listening to her make noises.  She is constantly moving and kicking her little legs.  Her feet are still too narrow for shoes so we just go barefoot all of the time especially now that the weather is warm and we don't need socks!  She rocks at tummy time and loves to lay on her play mat and her Boppy lounger.  She also loves being wrapped/carried.  We recently got the Lillebaby carrier for daddy and she falls right to sleep in that.  We go on lots of errands and outings and she's always very well behaved.  I'm looking forward to taking her on a day trip to Galena for Memorial Day weekend!  She's starting to get the hang of sucking on the paci without help, but that is still a work in progress. 

Every day I dress her up in her cute clothes and a bow.  Her closet is better than mine and I love all of her little outfits.  She gets tons of compliments on how cute she is and I have to say I agree, I might be biased but in my opinion she is the cutest baby to ever exist! ;-)

Three months certainly has gone by fast!  We have so much going on this summer and I can't wait to watch her grow and enjoy everything that we have planned.  Our next big adventure after Galena is mommy's birthday June 8th and a wedding weekend extravaganza, Georgia's Aunt Delaney is getting married on June 9th and some friends of ours are getting married June 10th so that should be a fun filled weekend.  We are also looking forward to Father's Day and daddy's birthday which is also in June.  We're enjoying every second that we have with our girl, she's such a sweet baby and watching her grow has been so amazing!

Monday, May 08, 2017

$50 Picket Fence Giveaway - baby stores Pittsburgh

I am so excited to be hosting this amazing giveaway with The Picket Fence baby stores Pittsburgh!  If you're on the lookout for a super cute or unique gift for yourself, your baby or toddler, or your home, this is a great shop to visit! 

Being a new mom, and even more so a mom to a girl, I find myself buying clothes for her pretty regularly.  Do I have a shopping problem?  I'd say no, Joe would say (or did say) that FedEx should have a terminal at our house for how often they deliver to us... (insert eye roll emoji here) but when I was given the opportunity to host a giveaway with The Picket Fence I jumped on it because it gave me the opportunity to get another perfect little something for my girl! 

Gone are the days of buying everything for myself.  Do I still?  Yes, but the cart either has more for her than it does for me or I'm shopping somewhere that doesn't offer baby stuff!  I could not resist this adorable seersucker romper!  I cannot wait to pair it with a couple of bows and sandals this summer!  The material is so soft and the colors are perfect!

The Picket Fence is giving one lucky winner a $50 credit towards their shop.  Be sure to leave a comment for your official entry & use the Raffelcopter below for more entries!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Georgia June - 2 Months

Ahh! Where has the time gone?!  Our baby girl is 8 weeks old and my maternity leave is about to come to an abrupt halt as of Monday May 1st.  I can't believe my all-day time with her is coming so quickly to an end.  Maternity leave really sucks in this country!  I was lucky to get what I got and have it be paid, but it sure isn't enough time at all in my eyes. 

Georgia has grown leaps and bounds since she was born.  She's smiling, making some noises, and never stops squirming!  She is so alert these days and often times skips out on her naps if I don't help her go down.  She has a serious love affair with ceiling fans right now and can stare at them for literal hours.  We love all the little faces she makes.  Her hair is still coming in and is staying a darker/auburn color.  I can't wait to see it maybe lighten up a bit this summer and continue to fill in.

about a 5 week difference in these pictures

Most of the time she's still sleeping the days away, but she spends more time awake than ever.  We've been going for walks a lot and she usually falls right to sleep as soon as I start pushing the stroller.  I've been doing yoga all month at the Y with my mom so my step dad has been watching her every morning for me.  It's been nice to get some exercise in, I can definitely feel myself getting more flexible and it feels awesome to be practicing yoga again.

Georgia had her 2 month wellness check and she is 2' tall already (96th percentile, aka. she is tall!), she weighs 11 lbs 9.5oz (54th percentile), and her head circumference is 39.25cm (76th percentile, aka. she's a smart cookie with a big brain!) she's growing well and her growth curve is right on.  We did end up vaccinating her (please leave all negative comments/judgements out of your comments) and she did such a great job.  I definitely had tears in my eyes hearing her cry like she did.  

Currently she is wearing newborn pants but cannot fit in any newborn body suits or sleepers anymore.  I spent an afternoon putting most of those smaller things away in a tote and it was so sad!  She fits best in 0-3 month of most brands, although Carter's 3 month stuff fits her well.  Cat & Jack and Oh Joy! seems to run a bit bigger.  Right now we just try things on and see if they work!   I put bows on her everyday and love putting her outfits together!  So fun!   She is also between newborn and size 1 diapers, but should be moving into size 1 permanently soon, once I run out of newborn diapers we are done with those too.  She is able to suck on her pacifier herself pretty well and only needs help every so often.  We just transitioned her into her Halo Bassinest from the Dockatot this week and so far so good!

Georgia also officially has a second biological sister, little miss Hadley, who is almost 2 months to the day younger than her!  We are so happy for our donor and her family on their new addition, we cannot wait to get these kiddos together in person someday.  

We love our peach more and more every single day, she's becoming such a fun little babe and watching her grow has been incredible!
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