Monday, January 16, 2017

33 weeks

How far along? 33 weeks
Gender: Girl
Weight Gain? 28 pounds
Maternity Clothes?  Clothing becomes more interesting with each passing week, there isn't much that fits great anymore except for maternity and even some of my maternity jeans from early on have now been retired.  I'm not purchasing anymore clothes since we are so close so if I end up in yoga pants my last few weeks of work, so be it! 
Stretch Marks? None!
Belly button in or out?  Flat
Sleep:  Still a hit or miss, still feeling congested, but I know in roughly 7 weeks (give or take) sleep will be a thing of the past anyway.
Best moment this week:  More and more nursery progress!  We got our rocker which is soo comfy, we haven't gotten the ottoman yet but I'm registered for it.  We will either use that or a leather pouf depending on what we get at the shower this weekend.  Starting to slowly pack my hospital bag and get the diaper bag ready, reading tons of blogs and books and articles about natural child birth and I feel as though I am about as ready as I can be and now all of the information that I'm reading sound repetitive so I think I'm grasping the important parts, and also prepping our birth plan!  Last week I met the last of the 4 potential midwives (there are 4 in the office that I go to, any of which could be the one to deliver Georgia) and I just loved her.  She was very supportive of some of the things that we want for our birth plan like no Hepatitis B vaccine and no eye ointment, she is also a big fan of delayed bathing (up to 3 days) which is something I feel strongly about.  Once I have our entire birth plan written out and approved I'll be sure to share it with you guys!  (Please keep negative judgements & comments about our birth plan & choices to yourself, thank you)
Symptoms:  Just the usual, fatigue, discomfort, some back pain which I've been seeing the chiropractor for and now that the pain is pretty much gone I'm still continuing to see him 2x a week until the baby comes.  
Miss Anything?  Being able to move and breath freely without discomfort.  
Movement?  Still moving pretty regularly but I can tell she is running out of space now.
Cravings?  Sweets are all I've craved this entire pregnancy.  I did get my Chinese food fix this past weekend which I had my mind set on for a few weeks too.
Queasy or sick?  Noting at all!
Looking forward to?  We have our first class at the hospital this week which is breastfeeding on Wednesday.  I also have a prenatal massage on Thursday and then my shower is Saturday which I cannot wait for! 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Mommylicious Maternity

Maternity clothes are inevitable when pregnant, whether you end up being all belly, or you end up gaining weight everywhere, you will need some form of maternity clothes unless you have some kind of life where you never leave your house and live in your sweats all day (sign me up!), but most of us at some point, have had to wear maternity.  I ended up in maternity pants (jeans and leggings) really early on, they were more comfortable and I just liked them over using the hair-tie trick.  Tops have kind of depended for me.  Some are still too big for me to fit in, and a lot of my regular tops also still fit pretty good.

For me I really have enjoyed buying maternity pieces that I can wear again when I'm not pregnant.  It just seems like the frugal thing to do, plus a lot of the stuff I've got is really cute and I can't imagine only wearing when I'm pregnant.  One of the funnest tops I've got this pregnancy is this super cute bell sleeve floral tunic from Mommylicious Maternity!  Although this particular top is no longer available, there are several other super cute, practical, and totally stylish tops, dresses, scarves and more on their site!  They even have some gorgeous nursing bras and maternity lingerie.  

This particular top I chose because, one, I loved the pattern, two, I knew I could wear it again even while not pregnant, and three, it can be dressed up with black leggings and heels, or it can be dressed down with some jeans and a pair of fringe boots.  I like versatile pieces that I can get a couple different outfit options out of and I think this top is perfect for that.

Saturday, January 07, 2017

32 Weeks

How far along? 32 weeks
Gender: Girl
Weight Gain? 25ish pounds
Maternity Clothes?  Lots of maternity clothes mixed in with regular stuff still.  I'm especially loving my top in this pic above from Mommylicious Maternity.  
Stretch Marks? None!
Belly button in or out?  Flat
Sleep:  Sleep is getting somewhat better, it really is still just hit or miss.  I have more good nights of sleep than bad, but when I'm having a bad night I usually get almost no sleep.  I have been experiencing some RLS along with congestion which is a really shitty combination.
Best moment this week:  We got lots of fun baby stuff this week.  First thing we got was the Premier Series Halo Bassinet which came highly recommended by a few mamas.  I used $55 in Kohls cash and Kohls rewards so I got pretty decent deal on it.  We put it together and it is really nice.  It's big, it's very heavy so I know it's not going to be knocked over by our rambunctious cat in the middle of the night, it's got sounds, it vibrates, and it swivels 360 degrees.  The plan is to keep her in our room at least until she outgrows this bassinet so I definitely think it will be worth the investment.  We also got a really nice early shower gift from some friends who won't be able to make it on the day of the party.  Seriously, so many cute clothes, head bands, swaddles, etc. I am just dying over all the tiny, cute little pieces.  
Symptoms:  Fatigue, back pain, weight gain, some restlessness at night, other than that still pretty minimal as far as symptoms are concerned.
Miss Anything?  Being able to breath normally, especially at night when my nose gets all congested, and not having to pee every 5 seconds.
Movement?  Lots of movement still.  I'm hoping she is continuing to make her way into the head down position.  
Cravings?  #Sweets4Lyfe y'all
Queasy or sick?  Noting at all!
Looking forward to?  A doctors appointment and a hair appointment this week! Yay!  Also I got my dress for the shower and our maternity photos and I love it!  I purchased it from Sew Trendy Accessories I'm not going to link the exact one yet because I am not quite ready to reveal it yet but I am so happy with the beautiful color and quality of this dress.  It's seriously stunning!

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