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26 September 2016

17 Weeks

How far along?  17w2d

Total weight gain?  Roughly 5 pounds

Maternity Clothes?  Yes maternity jeans all the way!

Stretch Marks?  No

Sleep?  Sleep has been kinda crazy lately.  My pregnancy apps warned me that I’d probably start experiencing very vivid dreams due to constantly getting up throughout the night & boy were they right.  I’ve had some terrible nightmares this week.

Best moment this week?  My first prenatal massage with my doula, which was awesome, and  not pregnancy related, we went on a little overnight stay to Lake Geneva for our 5 year anniversary and it was so fun.  Finally getting to spend an anniversary being pregnant, I never knew if I would get to or not.  Joe let me shop away so I got some stuff for myself and of course some stuff for baby girl.

Miss anything?  I mentioned to Joe yesterday that mimosas were sounding and looking really good as we passed people enjoying their brunch outside yesterday in Geneva.

Movement?  Nothing yet but I think it’s getting close!

Food cravings?  Did I already say mimosas?  Lots of sweets too still.

Anything make you queasy or sick?  Not a darn thing!

Have you started to show yet?  Yes, there is an official baby belly that is not food induced. 

Gender?  Girl

Labor Signs?  No

Belly button in or out?  In

Wedding rings on or off?  On

Happy or Moody most of the time?  Finally feeling less moody and happier in general.  That first trimester I was a royal bitch.

Looking forward to?  I’m really hoping for some movement soon.  It’s so hard not to worry when you go from seeing baby regularly via ultrasound the first several weeks of pregnancy to not getting to see her at all until 22 weeks.  I’m happy I got the Doppler even though a lot of people tried to talk me out of it.  It truly does give me some peace of mind & I know that if I have a problem finding the heart beat or I’m not able to, that I’m not an expert and I just need to try again later.  My next appointment is October 3rd, they’ll just be doing a heartbeat check at that appointment as well.  T-minus 5 more weeks til we get to have our 22 week anatomy scan.

24 September 2016

5 Years...

5 years ago on a beautiful September Saturday I got to marry this guy.  I seriously cannot believe that it has been FIVE  years already since we were married.  I remember that day like it was yesterday an it still holds its own as one of the very best, most fun days of my life.  Everything went great, I loved my dress, my flowers, my bridesmaids, and groomsmen, I was so excited to finally be marrying Joe in front of all of our wonderful family and friends. 

Since our wedding we have had so many great memories as a married couple.  We traveled hundreds of miles on the bike, we've cruised, we've built our first dream home, we've camped, we've gone to concerts, and we've also done a lot of just enjoying each other's company at home with our pup and our cat.  Not every day has been perfect or memorable, we live a normal every day life with a pretty boring routine, but that is what marriage is about.  We have stuck together through those mundane days and through the days when things have gotten crazy, hectic, and emotional.  

I definitely thought that we would have kids right away, but we got to enjoy five kid-free years together just being married, being able to go and do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted, and now that is going to change, but in retrospect, I am really happy that we were able to do that for so long.  Now we are going to be starting a new chapter and a new human life will be put first before our own and I can't wait to become a parent with this guy by my side.  I know it will be so hard and such a challenge, but I think it will probably be one of the most rewarding things we will do together.  

Happiest of wedding anniversaries to my love.

22 September 2016

Fall Bucket List

Celebrate our anniversary!  Yep, our 5 year anniversary is Saturday and we are heading to Lake Geneva overnight and I cannot wait.  We have never done Lake Geneva before so we are both really looking forward to it.  Unfortunately the temps are still hovering in the 80’s & 90’s here so it really doesn’t feel much like fall, but I’m hoping once we head a few hours north we will get some cooler weather for the day.

Scary movie marathon!  I started watching all of the Jaws movies on Netflix last week.  I also want to get a night of Hocus Pocus in hopefully next week (even though it’s not really scary, it’s a MUST-do in the fall, several times over & over).  We also watched the Conjuring 2 this past weekend which was really good.  My other must-watch movies are the Halloween movies and What Lies Beneath. 

Eat everything “fall” flavored.  This includes Apple Cider donuts and these Easy Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Frosting!  Umm yum

Find a Halloween Costume!  I’m pretty sure I already have this one checked off my list & I cannot wait!  It’s seriously perfect, so cute, & it incorporates my pregnancy too.

Decorate for Fall!  This has also already been mostly accomplished.  I’ve got all my indoor decorations done which consists of some colorful, glittery pumpkins on the fireplace & mantle, a centerpiece for the dining room, and some fall scented candles.  I also have some mums out on our porch and I got one of those beautiful cotton wreaths that seem to be all the rage this year.  As a bonus for my readers, Restore & Sparkle is offering $7 off a purchase of $40 or more with discount code BabyRidley which is good now through DECEMBER 31st so you’ve got plenty of time to use this discount code!